In 2007 the marching band "Giuseppe Verdi" of Sannicandro di Bari recorded their first CD "..the most beautiful symphonic marches" a collection of studio recording of some compositions wich left their mark on the history of musical bands of the South Italy. For some years the Orchestra has been recovering some historical compositions of authors such as Orsomando, Alise, Piantoni, Abbate, Centofanti, Mascolo, Di Zenzo, Ippolito.

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1. anima festosa Giovanni Orsomando
2. maggiolata   Francesco Marchesiello
3. bella madonna   Ernesto Abbate
4. pupetta innamorata  Giovanni Orsomando  
5. a voi! brontoloni  Ernesto Abbate  
6. annina  Giovanni Orsomando  
7. nostalgia  Giovanni Orsomando  
8. grido d'amore   Vincenzo Alise
9. medea  Giuseppe Piantoni  
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Recording has realized in Villaggio del Fanciullo di Sannicandro di Bari. Sound engineering: Davide Viterbo